Education is an intellectual's pursuit.

It is not the intellectual that makes the pursuit.

It is the pursuit that makes the intellectual.

Educational Arm of the Trust Foundation

Welcome to MAFETF: Empowering Bright Minds Through Education


Welcome to the MAFETF Education Trust Fund Foundation, where we believe that education should be a right, not a privilege. Established over two decades ago, MAFETF is a charitable entity dedicated to assisting brilliant and serious-minded students who may lack the financial means to pursue higher education. In recent years, we have extended our support to include primary and secondary school education, recognizing the importance of laying a strong educational foundation from an early age.


At MAFETF, we are not just about providing financial assistance; we are about creating a network of future leaders who are committed to making a positive impact in their communities. Through our programs, we aim to empower students to reach their full potential and become catalysts for change in society.


Our commitment to education knows no bounds. From undergraduate studies to postgraduate research, we stand by our students every step of the way. Whether it's funding tuition fees, providing mentorship, or facilitating access to resources, we take on the burden so that our students can focus on their academic pursuits.


MAFETF operates on a divine principle: we believe that the opportunity to learn is a gift from God, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this gift is accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances. We use the resources entrusted to us to fund the projects that matter most: the education of our future leaders.


As you explore our website, we invite you to learn more about our programs, our beneficiaries, and how you can join us in our mission to make education accessible to all. Together, let's build a brighter future, one student at a time.


Welcome to MAFETF – where education knows no limits.

MAFETF is a charity Educational Trust Fund entity primarily aimed to assist Brilliant and Serious children whose (parents or guardian) could not afford to pay for their University Education (recently added Primary and Secondary school education in the last 7 years) .  MAFETF also creates network of future leaders who are committed to improving the lives of others in their respective communities.


The MAFETF has been on for over two decades. The Foundation Trust Fund is committed to sponsor brilliant students up to PHD level if desired by the candidate. *MAFETF* takes the burden on behalf of God and uses the same God’s Fund to fund the same God’s project. times.

(Subject to availability of space within the bandwidth which stands at 42 individuals as at today)

  1.  A UNIVERSITY COURSE ADMISSION LETTER from an accredited State of Federal University in Nigeria (Private Universities and Polytechnics* are not considered) to study one of the 10 Courses supported by the Trust Fund.

  2. A letter of application from the potential benefactor to join the Education Trust Fund with an assurance to remain on the path for a First Class or a Second Class Upper from year one of the University.

  3. An interview and assessment session with at least two MAFETF BOARD members (e.g., the Co-ordinator and Lawyer).

  4. An acceptance of the ROE (Rules of Engagement) and SOP (Standards of Operation) and promise to adhere with both laid out rules and regulations by the in-coming candidate.

The following criteria must be strictly adhered to during selection of candidates.

  • Candidate MUST have minimum of 5 credits in WAEC/SSCE/NECO including English Language and Mathematics at ONE sitting.

  • Scholarship is based on MERIT and for (only) brilliant Students whose parents or guardian could not afford to pay their University Education.

  • The potential students must be aspiring to study any of our choice of professional courses listed below.

The following approved Disciplines are considered.

  • LAW










  • Any (Post-graduate) Master's degree program.


The student will be eligible for the fund during the whole duration of his/her undergraduate program subject to satisfactory academic performance in the previous year. The potential student must maintain a minimum CGP of 3.5 out of total CGP of 5 (70% second class upper) the previous year in other to continue to be eligible for the scholarship.

I would like to state clearly what you are entitle to as a beneficiary of *MAFETF* and note that all the following benefits are strictly for those who had been given admission and On-Boarded the *MAFETF* Scholarship Program. 



  1. University Undergraduate Candidates = #15,000 Monthly Maintenance allowance.

  2. University Postgraduate and Law School Candidates = #15,000 Monthly Maintenance allowance.

  3. Polytechnics and college of Nursing Candidates = #10,000 Monthly Maintenance allowance.

  4. Secondary and primary School Candidates (Primary School= #5,000, Secondary School = #7,000) Monthly Maintenance allowance


  1. # 20,000 per year and it is for only University students. (This is subject to increase in the nearest future).

  2. #??,???  Full School uniforms package as decided by the Primary or Secondary schools of relevance where the MAFETF candidate attends (Paid directly to the school).

NOTE: University/Polytechnic students all need to agree on the modality to get this Clothing purchase done or we look for a supplier and the Trust Fund will credit after purchase. it will be verified upon purchase. The Onus remains with you. 



  1. #15,000 per year for university students.

  2. #10,000 per year for Polytechnic and College of Nursing students.

  3. #??,??? For MAFETF Law Champions in Law School as determined by Law School

(This could be less but must not be more than budgeted)



  1. Only new intakes (i.e., 100 Level or a direct entry student into 200 Level) are entitled to phones. The budget for the phone should be within the bandwidth of 50,000.



  1. Only Student in 400 Level or highest Level of chosen course (which ever one comes later) is entitled to a laptop.



  1. Any candidate who finishes with a *FIRST CLASS will be awarded with a MOTOR CAR* for a job well done (If I were you, I will work hard to attain this feat and the journey to achieving this must be now)


  1. The Scholarship provides bursary that covers the cost of completing approved University courses that is within 4-6years which include Tuition fee, Accommodation and Maintenance allowance*.

  2. The potential student will be entitled to a cell phone upon entr.

  3. The board will award a First-Class student with a trip outside Nigeria with all-expenses paid, and a car paid for by the MAFETF body.

  4. The board will help the student with a CGP of a minimum 3.5 to seek employment.

The MAFETF Foundation may not absorb more than two candidates from the same family/household to be present in same academic year. This is put in place for fairness purpose and to allow the spread of goodwill to other needing families.



  1. All the above decisions are made by the MAFETF board  members.

  2. MAFETF do not fund anybody’s social, frivolous or extravagant needs or wants*.

  3. We deal only with State or Federal UNIVERSITIES and not Private UNIVERSITY, But on exceptional ground POLYTECHNICS.

  4. We do not pay for WAEC/SSCE/NECO but can still pay for JAMB (just once) and will ONLY pay a government recommended rate.

  5. We do have a comfortable capacity for 32 to 40 candidates (up to 18 to 20 girls and up to 18 to 20 boys) yearly but we are quite prepared to do one-of spot (Education and Health) assistance for verified people outside of the 32 to 40 candidates.

FINALLY, should you be granted the Scholarship, your PROGRESS REPORT is required at the end of every academic year as well as your annual academic results. These should be sent prior to the renewal of your next Tuition fee*.

MAFETF verifies the authenticity of all elite champions results. Any student caught falsifying result or receipts will automatically be out of the scholarship scheme and may be equally handed over to the police. 

MAFETF aim to create a clean set of elite champions do not allow any pranks, cheating or lying. 

All our candidates are brought up as Princes and Princesses; The elites and leaders of the future, so we endeavour to have them all behave as such.

Thank You!


Yours sincerely,

Mr Kehinde Taoheed Saka 

Co-ordinator, MAFETF


Kindly go through the listed options above before applying.




Note: Acceptance is subject to Applicant's academic prowess, Organization's availability of space and resources, and final decision by the MAFETF board.

Meet some of MAFETF Elite Champions

Adesina Jesulayomi



(Management and Accounting)

Adesina Christport




Adesina Favour


Law Graduate

Ayomide Abiodun




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