The PASSION to ensure everybody ATE (Alive, Triumphant, and Esteemed) is our COMPASS  that guides the feeling that arises when we are confronted with another's suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. Hence redefined as COMPASS-PASSION-ATE

Compassionate Arm of the Trust Foundation

Welcome to MAFETF Compassionate Arm: Extending a Helping Hand


At MAFETF, we believe that compassion and kindness are essential components of our mission to make a positive impact in the world. Our Compassionate Care program is designed to provide support and relief to individuals and families in crisis, who are unable to help themselves. We recognize that life can be unpredictable and challenging, and that sometimes, people need a helping hand to get back on their feet.


Our Compassionate Care program is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services to those in need. We reach out to people in pain, struggling with illness or disability, widows and single parents who need support and guidance, families affected by natural disasters or conflicts, and individuals facing financial hardship and uncertainty. Our goal is to provide a safety net of assistance, including financial support for medical expenses, food, and shelter, as well as emotional support and counseling.


We understand that every individual's situation is unique, and we strive to provide personalized support and care to each person who reaches out to us. Our team of dedicated professionals and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that those we serve receive the help they need, when they need it most.


Our Compassionate Care program is rooted in our faith-based principles, believing that every individual is precious and deserving of love, care, and compassion. We strive to be the hands and feet of God, serving those in need with humility and grace. We believe that by showing kindness and compassion to those who are struggling, we are not only improving their lives, but also reflecting the love and care of God.


If you or someone you know is in need of support, please reach out to us. Together, we can bring hope and relief to those who need it most. Your generosity and support enable us to continue providing vital services to those in crisis, and we are grateful for your partnership in this important work.

Kindly go through the listed options above before applying.




Note: Acceptance is subject to Applicant's academic prowess, Organization's availability of space and resources, and final decision by the MAFETF board.

Hear some of MAFETF Compassionate Arm Care Awardee Stories that touch the heart.

The Ordeal Of A Disabled Single Father With Two Children

 - By Adeyemi Oluwasegun Majemu Adeniji

I am here to share my ordeal in life and how I got to my present stage of disability.

In the year  2015, I had an accident which took away one of my hands (the left hand to be precise). After this terrible incident of the accident, as my living God liveth I got married to the best and most beautiful woman in the world; Mrs Olajumoke who looked not at my physical appearance but at my soul hence saw no deformity in me. It was very disheartening and at the same time as being understandable that my wife’s parents do not want our marriage to hold because of my amputated arm, but my now deceased wife refused to let go of our love and relationship, and so we got married and were blessed with a baby boy (Clinton) in 2018. We were living our low but average life comfortably and three years later, on the 6th of April 2021 we had another baby (girl named Moninuola)After a week of our second baby’s delivery, my wife fell ill, and we took her back to the hospital for a check-up. following hours at the hospital, I was so tired and was advised to go home and rest for a bit to regain some lost energies. Not long getting home, I got a call suddenly, that my attention was urgently needed at the hospital. Behold, while rushing to the hospital, in my haste and with my limited stability caused by using my body and legs to compensate for my amputated arm for balance,  I had a knee twist which caused me some intense excrutiating pain. As if that was not bad enough, on getting to the hospital my wife was pronounced dead by the doctors. I felt the end has come for me, I questioned the meaning to life and the barrage of misfortune one individual can be subjected to and I really wished to end it all in suicide and at the same time, a thought came to me that it would be selfish of me to commit suicide if I have consideration for my two children and my ailing aged parents. A couple of weeks later whilst I was still fighting against the urge to commit suicide, my deceased wife's parents sent a message to me that they do not ant to have anything to do with either myself or my children again. That was a blow I thought would tip me over, but the love I see in my children who are looking up to me in all purety of innocence was still holding me back from saying goodbye to this world. I thought that was to be the end of my ordeal.

Some months later, and I started observing very sharp constant pains on my right knee that got twisted whilst rushing to the hospital. When the pain persisted for months despite using prescribed medications, I sought medical attention again and I was advised to go to “Igbobi Orthopaedic Hospital” for expert advice and opinion which when I did, I was made to understand that a surgery costing around four million Naira (#4.0M Naira; which was approximately $10,000.00 US dollars as at then when exchange rate was @#400 to $1) was  needed to carry out the surgical operation to remediate the problem. There was no hope of raising such funds as I was not able to work and earn any living due to one missing arm and one badly twisted leg. To the glory of Almighty God, just like from the blues, my life got a new definition when one of my uncles (Hon Omotayo Oguntubo) saw my pitiable state, (especially with regards to my two children who are now school dropouts). Mr Omotayo took my case to the MAFETF  NGO to be considered as an Awardee on Compassionate grounds.

Part of the changes that my life experienced by virtue of my children and I being absorbed unto the MAFETF program were;

  •  My children enjoyed the full scholarship payment of school fees and any other academic related settlements through their (Educational Arm) without a Kobo / Penny from me towards their educational needs. 
  • As if that was not enough, with the help of the same MAFETF organization (Compassionate Arm) I have received several cash support to meet up with my constant immediate needs. 
  • The MAFETF organization still pay monthly stipend for the maintenance of my children since inception. 

 It is no doubt that the MAFETF organization gave me another life and reason to live when all hope was lost.Surprisingly, whenever I asked the MAFETF representatives why or how they are able to give such support to several people onboard, they simply say, "it's God's own project" , “God’s own ministry” and "God's own money to finance His (God's) own project" and yet I see MAFETF foundation give similar support and assistance to others alike.My prayer is that; As the Lord liveth so shall MAFETF representatives live lives in abundance in Jesus’ name.As we speak now, I do not have one arm and one of my legs (the right leg) is still at risk of being lost. I am still wishing on a star, hoping for some miracle to regain the use of my two legs either through surgery or by some divine intervention. Looking at life now, I am very glad and grateful to God almighty that.MAFETF Education Arm has taken away the constant fear that my children may never be educated (Both of my children are now MAFETF Junior Champion members). The MAFETF Compassionate arm has been forth coming unto me with some monthly maintenance stipends, andThe MAFETF Empowerment arm has been in contact with me, trying to work out how I could be empowered. trying some empowerment procedure to be put in place for me so that I can be functional again, but I guess; giving how far back my health and physical condition and ability have all regressed (from being an amateur (professional) footballer to being almost immobile now), I am somehow convinced that nothing short of a miracle can make this happen. (Just maybe an Orthopaedic Surgeon or a prosthetic company somewhere in the world would take my case up as a challenge to showcase their expertise or dexterity)  I am very grateful for life, I still hope to contribute to this world and so I am still hoping on God for my restoration to wholeness however or whichever way the almighty God will do it.I so much desire this completeness and wholesomeness.Attached here are my pictures of before and now to authenticate my story.

Thank you and God bless you all.


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